Create flash banners

What is a flash banner?

Flash (flash) banner is a banner animated by Flash technology.

Flash-banner, as well as any other banner, not only leads the user to the page advertised by you, but also gives him an initial idea about your company, product or service. Our team will make for you banners that will attract customers and positively influence the consciousness of users.

Flash-banners - are more effective means of advertising, than usual jpeg or gif banners. Placement of flash-banners is a good choice for those who want to attract the attention of visitors to their site and convey important information to them. Flash-banners can have an original design, high-quality animation and different sizes.

The sizes of banners are clearly fixed. The most common sizes are:

1) 468x60px;

2) 250х250px, 150х150px, 125х125рх, 100х100px;

3) 180x150px;

4) 240x400px;

5) 120x600px;

6) 120х240рх;

But it is possible to make Flash-banners according to the individual sizes of the customer.

The cost of manufacturing a flas-banner depends on its complexity:

the simplest level of complexity from 300 UAH (when the customer provides ready-made images, texts);


In any case, the price is calculated individually, after the customer provides the technical specification (technical assignment), approval and approval.

Our latest works you can see in the "Portfolio" section.

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