Website development

Website development is a time-consuming and relatively long process that takes several steps, as the customer's idea becomes a real functioning website or an online store.

In order for the project to create a website to be successful, you must at a minimum determine:

what tasks are assigned to the site;

which visitors the website is designed for;

what you want to convey to them;

what functionality do you want to put in your website, i.e. how it will work;

who and how will maintain the functioning of the site, update information, how is it planned to expand it?

The process of developing a website can be divided into the following stages:

1. marketing planning (what are the main tasks of the site);

2. Planning the structure of the future site (sections, navigation, etc.);

3. website design development;

4. layout of the developed layout;

5. "Layout of the layout" on the content management system (CMS);

6. installation of software modules and components responsible for the enhanced functionality of the site;

7. filling your web project with texts and images;

8. Testing the site for operability and compliance with the technical task (TOR);

9. putting the finished project on the Internet.


Order of works on the development of the site

 Our team can offer you several options,

depending on the purpose and functionality of the web resource:


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