Why do you need online stores?

   It is unlikely that there will be a person on the web who never came across offers to buy something without leaving the computer. They offer everything: compact discs, computers, accessories, cell phones, gadgets, video equipment, tourist trips, sovkhoz threshing machines and luxury apartments. The question arises: how convenient are online stores and whether they can replace conventional ones?

Let's try to speculate and equate. What do we do when we are going to buy something? That's right, we go and buy ... Choosing from what is on the shelves. And then we accidentally find out that around the corner it was cheaper. And the purchased goods are not exactly what you would like, because the seller in the store is more interested in selling the most expensive commodity, and not how to tell you the best way to spend money.

On the other side of the scale is the Internet. The assortment is huge, the monitor is not enough to see everything. The main difficulty is to choose a specific model among many analogs. There are enough stores, and search engines work, so knowing the model we are interested in, it becomes not so difficult to find the best (or close to it) price. Prices, by the way, are usually noticeably lower than offline rates - after all, the online store does not need to spend on renting retail space and the salaries of sellers and security guards. All sorts of forums and conferences will help to get users' opinions about the product, which you can usually rely on (of course, with some correction for what is usually written by dissatisfied, and content - just use). At the same time in these conferences you can learn about all sorts of interesting subtleties and details, or stumble upon a description of a more interesting product, the existence of which you never suspected.

So what? Is everything so smooth and healthy, and we must quickly transfer all the money into electronic cash? Alas, the lack of online stores is also enough.

The most, perhaps, the main thing - the inability to "twist" the goods in their hands. And the photos are often not very informative. But it's not a secret that many devices, especially small ones - mobile phones, handheld computers, etc. - one of the very important qualities - this is how they "lie in the hand." On the other hand, even if some device initially seemed not very convenient, then most likely in a couple of days you will get used to it. But all the same, it's very difficult to choose without feeling it.

Another drawback, oddly enough, is the combination of a lack of information with its excess. That is, the information presented in the store is often not enough to make a choice, and on the Internet the information is too much, and it becomes difficult to completely "rework" it. Alas, but often this leads to the fact that a desperate visitor either goes to the offline store, or clicks on the first link to "buy". Although I, for example, have adapted this business to turn in my favor. It's no secret that many purchases are made impulsively, on the principle of "wanted." And the need to analyze and analyze information leads to the fact that impulsive desires go away, and only really necessary things are bought. Even to say it is terrible, how much I have already saved this method! However, it is even more terrible to say, where then all this wealth was spent.

The price and delivery too can leave an unpleasant deposit. Above I said that prices on the Internet are generally lower than offline, but ... The fact is that the goods still need to be delivered to the buyer. And it (the buyer) is unlikely to suit if a box with a bought computer is thrown, poured on her jam and do other gentle manipulations, distributed at the post office. Therefore, various commercial services are used to deliver goods, and they, oddly enough, also want money for their work. And these money are added to the cost of your order. As a result, it may turn out that the amount of the order is not high, but the cost of delivery will "eat up" all the benefits - here it is necessary to look and count.

One more difficulty is connected with delivery - time. If in the "usual" store immediately after the purchase the product is in your possession, then when you buy via the Internet you will have to wait until the order reaches you. And sometimes this expectation is delayed. My record is almost two months of waiting for discs from one store. Although on average, from the moment of ordering and payment to delivery, 2-3 days pass, which is quite tolerable. And often the goods can also be paid directly on delivery, which is even more pleasant.

All of the above applies to, so to speak, "normal" online shopping. But there are exceptions. First of all, these are stores selling digital goods: programs, Internet access codes, phone cards, etc. Here practically all the defects disappear (unless you are a collector of plastic cards), there are solid merits. Especially if you use "electronic money" for payment.

The second exception is online stores located in the same city as you. Here the advantages are manifested in the much faster delivery of goods and its low cost. In addition, it will be possible to agree on paying the courier even for expensive goods.

Another exception, however, is already negative, is associated with fraud. The Internet environment is anonymous, and it is not so difficult to create a "fake" store. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at where you are giving your money. Please note that the solid appearance of the store is by no means an indicator - it can be trite copied. User reviews posted at this store, for obvious reasons, are also not always worth taking for granted. The most reliable is to search for reviews on other sites, and their absence can also be a signal.

By the way, there are also such a useful variety of shops on the Internet as auctions. The probability of fraud is somewhat higher there than in other places (though most auctions hold seller ratings), but prices can be very tempting, especially if you have a virtual credit card and participate in European auctions (for example, at Bidz.com you can buy very good jewelry for your girl at very reasonable prices).

Well, now a little practice:

Having stumbled upon a new (for you) store, first of all look at the sections "about the store", "about the payment" and "about the delivery" - it makes no sense to waste time on a store in which you can not pay or who can not deliver the goods to you. With auctions, it is more difficult, as these conditions depend on a specific seller.

In all modern stores there is such a useful function - the "basket". There you can stack a lot of goods, and then make out a single order. This basket is quite convenient to use and for the selection of goods - running through a section, you can throw everything into the basket that you are interested in, and then have a detailed understanding of the selected goods, throwing out something that for some reason does not fit. And the basket is kept for some time, so you can take the goods today, and in detail with them to figure out - tomorrow.

There is such a proverb: "Overseas, a heifer - a half, and a ruble transport." This applies to online shopping in full. It is necessary to estimate the cost of delivery and compare with the difference in prices of goods in the online store and offline. For example, in many online computer equipment shops the average price of "hardware" is 10-15% lower than in offline, and delivery in Ukraine on average may cost 100 UAH. From here it is easy to calculate that the order pays off if it exceeds 1000 UAH. Of course, there are variations - both in that and in the other direction. Convenient ways to save money - team up with friends and make one order at all. Another way (already repeatedly "rolled back" in practice) is to drive your company to shop through the online store (for the benefit of all accounting documentation is provided) and add the goods you want to order. And you can always pay with your firm.

When making an order, specify the correct address and do not forget to confirm this order. In most stores, unconfirmed orders simply do not get processed and are automatically deleted.

Finding the store that arranges you, try to make purchases in it. Most stores keep records of purchases and prizes are given among regular customers, discounts are given and other pleasant things happen. Yes, and agree on some deviations from the rules for sure it will be easier.

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Why do you need online stores?

   It is unlikely that there will be a person on the web who never came across offers to buy something without leaving the computer. They offer everything: compact discs, computers, accessories, cell phones, gadgets, video equipment, tourist trips, sovkhoz threshing machines and luxury apartments. The question arises: how convenient are online stores and whether they can replace conventional ones?

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